On-Demand General Counsel

We are team of top FAANG lawyers providing on-demand general counsel services to tech companies for a flat monthly fee.

About Us

We are a team of top lawyers with experience at FAANG and Fortune 500 companies.

  • Flat monthly fee.
  • Available when you need, on your schedule.
  • Deep experience with IP, fundraising, employment, privacy, and HR.

We offer fixed fee general counsel services for small and medium companies. For large companies we offer fixed fee patent analytics, standards strategy, and all stages of open source program development and review.


We take on clients from startups to public companies. We represent industries including climate tech, crypto, AI, SAAS, and medical software.

Experts in AI, Crypto, and Open Source

We have direct engineering experience coding open source tools and ML models. We love technology. We understand the specific details of your business so we can give you the best advice.

Experienced Negotiators

We have decades of combined experience negotiating commercial deals. We will help you develop a realistic sense of your leverage and close good deals, on time.

Great for Startups

Don't worry about managing huge legal teams - let us do the work.

Scalable to fit your needs.

Our flat monthly fee covers one fractional general counsel for all your business needs. We can scale up as your business grows.

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Contact us now at hello@openadvising.com. Let's discuss how we can help serve your general counsel needs for a flat monthly fee.


We offer on-demand general counsel services for a flat monthly price.


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